Hi, my name is Nathan.  I live in Richmond, VA.  I watch too many movies, play too many video games, and, in general, obsessively hunt down new music.  I really love art, especially that which incorporates ‘new media’ (whatever that means) or the three aforementioned categories.  I’m also a big fan of hoodies, stocking caps, peanut butter, grammar, my girlfriend, and parenthetical asides (such as this one).

I’ve wanted to start a blog for many years now, but I’ve never followed through due to a) lack of motivation, b) lack of sustained interest, or c) a coherent focus that might be interesting for people to read.  I’m pleased to announce that I still possess a) and b), but I now have a decent solution for c).  My general plan is to watch one or more movies, chronologically, for each year between 1907 and 2007 and write about them as I go.  Simple enough, right?  Although that long-term project will be my main focus, I’ll write about other subjects that interest me as I go along.


One thought on “About

  1. eleazant says:

    This is gonna be pretty kick ass!

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